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Colshine porcelain sauna lamp is the best lamp for sauna room

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  1. Hello everyone,

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    We found there are plastic lamps for sauna and bath on the market, it's dangerous for using the plastic lamps in sauna room.

    The sauna room is always wet and hot, in such environment we need good quality porcelain/ceramic lighting, no plastic lighting.

    Problem of plastic lamps:

    1.     the plastic housing would deform in hot sauna room, the water vapour would enter the inside of lamp, it will cause the problem of leakage of electricity and short-circuit. 

    The lampshade may drop down from the plastic housing.

    2.     the plastic housing is not durable in sauna room, the plastic lamp will ageing faster and then broken.

    3.     Further more, the plastic lamp with a very lower quality E27 ceramic socket inside.

    There are two quality problems about the e27 socket,

    first , its’ two connectors are made of zinc alloy, no brass, and very thin.

    Second , the creepage distance is not enough, the Live wire and Naught wire get too close. In sauna room, we need the lighting with longer creepage distance for safety, otherwise it will short-circuit frequently .


    Choose Colshine porcelain/ceramic lamp is the best solution for sauna room. We are professional for making the porcelain/ceramic sauna lamp more than 10years, welcome to contact us for any products you interested.


    We always believe that the quality is the most important thing for a company. We don’t like to decrease quality to win business. That’s why our products are popular in Russia and other countries.



    Best regards

    Tony Tsai

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